What are the site requirements?

Typical Locations

High-Profile Entertainment CentresShopping/Lifestyle CentresHigh StreetsHigh-density, Mixed-use ProjectsHigh-Density/Metropolitan areascruise shipsfood courtsService StationsUniversitiesAirportsKiosk UnitsDrive ThrusMobile Catering VanFood TrucksWalk-UpsSport Venues

Eddie Rockets Size Requirements

100m2 - 400m2

Rocket's Size Requirements

45m2 - 300m2

What is the initial investment?

The initial investment consists of construction, equipment and fixtures & fittings, provisions for working capital and other pre-opening expenses

Eddie Rockets

€400,000 - €1,500,000


€150,000 - €700,00

How much liquid cash must I have to qualify for a franchise opportunity

We require a minimum of €300,000 (Eddie Rockets)/€150,000 (Rocket's)
of non-borrowed, unencumbered liquid capital

What type of franchise agreements does Rocket Restaurants offer?

Single-unit franchise agreementMulti-unit franchise agreement Area development franshise agreementMaster franshise Agreement

What is the initial franchise fee

The initial franchise fee is payable per restaurant.
Initial franchise fee - €45,000 per restaurant

What are the continuing Fees?

Management Service Fee - 6% of net sales
Marketing Contribution - 2% of net sales
Local Store marketing spend requirement - 1% of net sales

What are the terms of a Rocket Restaurant Franchise agreement?

Five year agreement with a right to renew subject to industry
standard renewal provisions

Can I retain my existing business and become a franchise at the same time

Yes - The majority of our franchisees have multiple business interests. However, we require franchises to nominate a designee as principal (I.E. key staff member) as permanent contact with power of attorney.

Can I convert my existing restaurant business?

yes - converting an existing restaurant into a rocket's restaurant franchise may also have cost benefits in terms of fit-out.

What can of return on investment may I expect

Financial rewards vary depending on sales, location, traffic and operation costs, financing terms, your ability to manage and control your business and other factors. Prospective franchisees are obliged to conduct their own independent investigation prior to signing any franchise agreement. During the recruitment process, prospective franchise owners will have access to historical actuals.

What is the availability of locations and territories?

The availability of locations and territories will be discussed during initial interviews.

Does Rocket Restaurants make provisions for localisation?

Yes - we allow for innovation and certain adaptations in international territories. Any such innovations or adaptations can only be introduced in close conjunction with us and must be agreed and signed-off in advance.

How does the site selection process typically work?

It is the franchisee's responsibility to identify suitable premises - Rocket restaurants will assis and advice during the process. In certain circumstance, rocket restaurants may choose to take the head lease and sublet the respective premises to the franchisee.